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Should I quit before they fire me?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2022 | Employment Law

No one wants to experience getting fired, but it may be the better option between getting fired and quitting. Before you quit and expect to be able to file for unemployment, you should know how the end of your job can impact your chances of earning unemployment. While unemployment offers non-working people the income they need, not everyone can earn it. So you can make the right decision for yourself, here is what you need to know before you quit:

What is the difference when it comes to unemployment?

When filing for unemployment benefits, the Maryland Department Of Labor (MDOL) will look at your application’s unique circumstances. This review will include looking into what exactly caused the end of your employment.

If you suspect you are about to soon be fired, you typically have two options to choose between: quit or let them fire you. Each option comes with its own implications. For example, quitting your job makes it appear as though you chose to leave the company and are capable of living without their income. MDOL often sees this situation as enough evidence to deny your application for unemployment.

Alternatively, letting your employer fire you for reasons that are not gross misconduct will likely result in you being able to collect unemployment, but being fired can be a blemish on your resume when it comes to applying for new employment.

What option should you take?

There is no single answer for how an employee’s job should end. Before committing to one decision or the other, consider the consequences and what option poses the best value for you. Remember, before you rush into quitting your job on the spot, being fired may be the best option for you.