Defending Decency
And Civil Rights In The Workplace

You Have A Right To Be Paid For All The Hours You Work

In this new economy of working from home or working in a new job or industry, workers may be facing employer intimidation when it comes to collecting their wages. If you are missing pay for overtime hours or your employer is wrongfully classifying you as an independent contractor, speak to an employment law attorney as soon as possible.

Your employer may be liable to you for all unpaid wages, attorneys’ fees, and additional damages up to three times the amount of wages owed..

The Law Is On Your Side: Get Paid For Your Work

If you have a job requirement to attend training seminars without pay, stop. Your employer should not require you to attend training seminars for the work you do without pay, even if you are working from home now.

By law, an employee must be paid at least a minimum wage by their employer for up to 40 hours of work – including training seminars – within a seven-day period. Overtime pay is usually “time and a half” of your ordinary wage and is due for any work done over 40 hours within that seven-day time frame.

Other wage and hour violations include employers docking their employees’ pay for damaging equipment or taking bathroom breaks. This is impermissible. Employees have a right to a paid break for every four hours of work and one unpaid meal break.

There are myriad other wage and hour claim violations, including when employers attempt to keep their employees’ tips. Exceptions often apply so it may be confusing to gather information on your own for filing a wage and hour claim. If your employer is refusing to pay your wages, call Freedman Law, LLC.

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