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Time Off Work to Vote

by | Oct 26, 2022 | Employment Law

Time Off Work to Vote:

The State of Maryland allows employees to take time off from work to vote without fear of retaliation. In accordance with Maryland law, employees must be allowed to take up to two hours off to vote unless the employee already has at least two consecutive hours off work while the polls are open. This time off must be paid. Md. Code Ann., Elec. Law § 10-315.

In Washington, D.C., upon request to an employer, the employee may take at least two hours of paid leave from a scheduled working shift to vote. D.C. Code § 1-1001.07a.

Your Employer May:

  • Require you to submit your request for paid leave to vote a reasonable time in advance of the date you wish to vote; and
  • Ask for proof of voting. The employee shall furnish to the employer proof that the employee has voted or attempted to vote.

Your Employer May Not:

  • Interfere with, restrain, or deny any attempt you make to take paid leave to vote under the applicable law; or
  • Retaliate against you for taking paid leave to vote under the applicable law.

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