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Client Prevails Before National Labor Relations Board

by | Aug 16, 2022 | Firm News

Freedman Law, LLC is pleased to announce that our client recently prevailed, winning a full recovery, after a two-day trial in Baltimore, Maryland. Following a full trial on the merits before the National Labor Relations Board, the Honorable Arthur J. Amchan held that our client had been illegally suspended and discharged after he engaged in protected concerted activity, i.e. whistleblower activity protected by the National Labor Relations Act.  As a result of the favorable outcome, our client was awarded full backpay damages, possible reinstatement, and interim employment expenses, among other relief.

Prior to his sudden suspension/termination, our client worked as a firearms instructor at a private gun range in Maryland. The gun range had consistent issues with ricocheted bullets coming back towards instructors and students. Our client made multiple safety complaints to upper management leading to his wrongful suspension and termination.

In an attempt to avoid liability, the former employer alleged that this individual was a supervisory employee not covered under the National Labor Relations Act. Moreover, his former employer argued that the company was insulated from liability because of the employee’s purported “poor conduct” when raising his legitimate safety complaints. This was not the case.

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To read more about the case, the published decision can be found here: